Cereal Industry

As a long time manufacturer of weighing equipment for the cereal processing industry, Thayer Scale has extensive process experience and engineering expertise to design a weigh feeder or scale to meet a customer’s particular process need. By providing a full line of SANITARY feeders, THAYER is able to meet most any food processing requirement.

Thayer Scale has been serving Fortune 500 food manufactures for over 65 years all over the world. The cereal manufacturing process has unique sanitary and safety requirements due to the need to prevent cross contamination of raw ingredients and the physical characteristics of the finished product. Thayer Scale has spent decades on designing and refining our equipment to meet the most stringent manufacturing needs.

Our weighing equipment line consists of

  • Weigh belts specifically designed to weigh light density materials and light loading application.
  • Sanitary, open or closed construction weigh belts that can be modified to meet the requirements of a new or existing process stream.
  • Loss-In-Weight feeders using single or twin screw, vibratory pan or rotary feeder, with feed rates from grams/ minute to tons/hr.
  • Unique conveyor belt scale designs that fit a wide range of conveyor configurations.
  • Hopper or silo discharge solutions devised to assure precise uninterrupted flow of material on demand.