Products/Power Control Assembly (PCA)

Thayer Scale manufactures a variety of industrial control panels certified for the US and Canadian markets by UL’s Panel Shop Program.

For installations where a motor control center has no more available space, Thayer offers a comprehensive series of packaged drives. These Power Control Assemblies (PCAs) convert standard AC utility to an adjustable output that controls (1) permanent magnet or shunt wound DC motors, (2) inverter-rated AC motors, and (3) electromagnetic drives used with vibratory tray feeders.

Each PCA provides a plug and play adjustable speed drive solution that features:

  • Code-compliant external disconnect (as required by input utility)
  • Branch circuit protection (fusing)
  • Interlocking logic to support a variety of operating modes
  • Terminal strip for user’s input utility, and input and output wiring
  • Adjustable speed drive (VFD, SCR, voltage regulator)
  • Components needed to complete a basic analog drive controller package

Thayer Scale’s PCAs are available with a variety of options, including:

  • Chassis mounting construction that can be installed within a panel or enclosed for field mounting in any location
  • Local or remote operator station
  • Ethernet IP device level interface (VFD only)

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