Company Overview

Thayer Scale is a leading global manufacturer of equipment for the continuous weighing industry. The company, founded in 1949, provides engineering solutions for the food, energy and building products, and chemical and industrial industries. Its unyielding focus on product line specialization enables Thayer Scale to design and develop market-leading conveyor belt scales and gravimetric feeders.

Innovation—along with a continual commitment to R&D—drives Thayer Scale’s strategy. The company prides itself on delivering sophisticated, “Built to Survive” weighing systems and material-handling solutions that exceed customer expectations.

Core Technologies Include:

Scale Technology

FMSS-suspension scale design sharpens accuracy, heightens sensitivity, and tolerates noise and process variation.


Patented algorithms support Scale Location Compensation (SLC), suppress noise, and optimize processes.

Material Handling Solutions

Patented systems include Bridge-Breaker™ technology and the Spiralator™ Hopper Agitation system.

Collaborative Design and Manufacturing

Most customers have unique manufacturing requirements; to serve customers Thayer Scale specializes in the creation and delivery of custom-designed equipment (e.g., a system with specific elongated- or inclined-conveyor configurations). Company and customer engineers collaborate throughout the design, manufacturing, and testing phases to ensure operational and cost objectives are met.

Processors—firms that produce the mixtures and compounds that compose manufactured goods—rely on Thayer Scale to provide precise measuring equipment. The equipment must continuously feed, measure, and control various ingredients to yield on-spec products.

Thayer Scale is a trusted partner of its customers, many of whom produce end-products for the world’s leading brands.

Commitment to Accuracy and Longevity

Thayer Scale’s continuous weighing and feeding equipment maintains accuracy levels well within 1 percent—there’s no need to sporadically calibrate or fine-tune the equipment. For all Thayer Scale equipment, the core gravimetric flow rate is based upon direct measurements of all independent variables; these measurements are independent of the materials’ physical properties.

As a result of continual upgrades and enhancements to existing systems in the field, many of Thayer Scale’s customers operate, in harsh environments, the systems they purchased more than fifty years ago.

Innovative Materials Test Center

Thayer Scale’s material test center enables customers to perform trial runs on gravimetric feeding equipment. At the test center, a dedicated technical staff helps customers replicate their own industrial processing conditions to performance-test materials and troubleshoot difficulties. Automatic refill hoppers and an efficient dust control system make tests fast, clean and efficient.