For manufacturers of bioenergy products, such as plant-based biofuels or wood pellets, accurate weight information is critical to legislative compliance for greenhouse gas reduction efforts.

Forest Products


To address the unique requirements of low-density and low-loading measurement applications common in the engineered wood products industry, Thayer Scale offers weigh belts and conveyor belt scales specifically engineered to provide accurate and repeatable rate measurement of low-density materials (< 10 pounds/cubic foot).



Thayer Scale’s rugged, durable weighing products are “Built to Survive,” and can withstand the cement industry’s extraordinarily harsh and strenuous operating conditions.

Energy and Power


Due to recent clean air regulations and growing consumer demand for clean energy, coal energy providers face increasing pressure to blend various grades and qualities of coal. Many companies rely on Thayer Scale’s highly-accurate conveyor belt scales and weigh belt feeders for coal-blending applications.