Coffee Production & Processing Machines

The majority of classic roasts, premium flavored coffee blends, and specialty coffees available in restaurants, convenience stores, hospitality, healthcare, and through retail channels are produced by industrial, high volume food service coffee roasters.

Whether Arabica, Robusta (Canephora) or Liberica species, soil, temperature, weather and even neighboring foliage in different growing regions create different flavors in the bean that influence coffee’s body, aroma and taste. To produce todays’ complex and multifaceted coffees, it takes several process steps to clean, sort and blend different varieties of coffee beans grown around the world.

Thayer Scale equipment improves inventory control and makes the blending process easier to manage with fewer operators by automating the weighing process.

Green Bean Cleaning


Green Bean Blending


Ground Coffee Rework


Weighing equipment for use in the Coffee industry

Weigh belts

  • Highly-accurate for reliable, repeatable measurements and batch control
  • Available with open or enclosed construction
  • Designed to fit new or existing process flow streams
  • Cantilevered conveyor assembly simplifies maintenance

Loss-in-weight feeders

  • Auger discharge
  • Vibratory pan discharge
  • Feed rates from grams/minute to tons/hour

Hopper and silo material flow promotion solutions

  • Provide consistent, uninterrupted material flow
Model MWF-OS Weigh Belt feeder
Open construction Model MWF-OS Weigh Belt feeder features a cantilevered conveyor assembly for ease of cleaning and maintenance.
Long Screw Feeder
Model PF-S is designed for fast, easy and thorough clean out.
Snack Food equipment