Thayer Scale develops, designs, and manufactures the industry’s most powerful and accurate weigh feeding instrumentation. All of our instrumentation is dedicated to weigh feeding and tailored to our customers’ exacting needs. Thayer Scale’s proprietary algorithms provide functions such as disturbance limiting, positional transformation of the weight signal, output linearization, and other critical weighing functions.

Thayer Scale weigh feeding instrumentationWe continually draw upon our company’s seventy years of industry experience to develop innovative and flexible control features and belt routines. Our solutions serve our customers’ unique processing demands and improve their production requirements.

Common control features include:

A complete selection of user-configurable engineering weight, time, and distance units

Automated calibrations and extensive auto-zeroing functionality to support:

  • Feeder operation audits
  • Systemic diagnosis and assessment for certified and higher-accuracy belt scale and weigh belt systems

Full-text display messaging

Dynamic programming and tuning

Real-time diagnostics

Input/output configuration and management

Multiple operator interfaces

Scale calibration histories and critical event logging

A large selection of industrial communication protocols

Simple English-language prompts to guide operators through calibrations and procedures

Our conveyor belt routines include:

Input and output scale location compensation

In-phase blending

Output resume

Dual preset counters with configurable I/O to facilitate batching applications

Pre-feed control output compensation, control sample, and hold

Belt tracking alarming and shutdown

Loss-in-weight routines include:

Input scale location compensation

In-phase blending, output, resume, and compensation

Real-time volumetric control

Measurement limiting

Disturbance, agitation, and comprehensive refill control

A complete line of AC, DC, and electromagnetic motor controllers complements our instrumentation. Our motor controllers integrate easily into any of our weigh systems. We offer local or remote hands-off-automatic controls, adaptable start/stop logic, emergency stop input, system interlock inputs, and status outputs. To simplify installation, our motor controls include branch circuit protection, disconnects, logic controls, and one common field breakout terminal. All have the same internal and external control functionality, making them economical and easy to install, learn, and maintain. All instrumentation is UL- and cUL-approved.

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