Thayer Instrumentation Equipment

Sixty plus years of working closely with new customers as well as our installed client base permitted us to tailor our instrumentation and controls to the collective needs required by this industry. We constantly draw on this experience and knowledge to develop, design and deliver the most powerful and universal weigh feeding instrumentation the market has to offer.

Our instrumentation is dedicated to the task at hand, weigh feeding. It prioritizes the critical elements of the weigh equipment and processes this information in such a way that performance and accuracy are not sacrificed by secondary elements of the system or its process. When it comes to single or multiple weigh feeding applications dedicated processors are the ultimate in control schemes. It simplifies and lessens the burden on your production facility’s supervisory control systems while still permitting complete control and monitoring of all your processes needs. Whether it is conveyor belt, loss in weight or batch weighing or even flow measurement control our instrumentation has the built in flexibility to meet your processing demands.

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Over the years we developed many control features and routines that you as users wanted, needed and requested to improve your production requirements. Common features such as; complete selection of user configurable engineering weight, time and distance units, automated calibrations, full text display messaging, on the fly programming and tuning, real-time diagnostics, Input/Output configuration and manipulation, multiple operator interfaces, built in histories and data logging, large selection of industrial communication protocols, just to name a few. Conveyor belt routines such as; input and output scale location compensation, in phase blending, output resume, dual preset counters, pre-feed control output compensation, pre-feed control sample and hold, belt tracking alarming and shutdown, plus many more. Loss in weight routines such as; input scale location compensation, in phase blending output resume and compensation, real-time volumetric control, measurement limiting, disturbance control, agitation control, comprehensive refill control and a whole lot more.

To complement our instrumentation we also have a complete line of AC, DC and Electromagnet motor controllers. All of which are easily integrated into any of our weigh systems as well as any other motor control system that meet their specifications. Our motor controllers like our instrumentation have been designed and developed to meet the industries needs and include Local or Remote HOA (Hand-Off-Automatic) controls, adaptable start/stop logic, emergency stop input, system interlock inputs and status outputs. Although they are not required they do drastically simplify the task associated with properly installing motor controls for industrial equipment by including branch circuit protection, disconnects, logic controls and one common field break out terminal. Regardless of motor controller type they all have the same control functionality inside and out making them easy to install, learn, maintain and the most economical solution for your motor control needs.

Our instrumentation and controls provides your entire workforce from operators to engineers with the information and controls needed to keep your weigh equipment running at optimum performance, minimize down times and increase your profitability. When it comes to weighing equipment we have your instrumentation and control needs covered. For more information browse through our website or contact us.

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