Field Service, Preventative Maintenance, and Training

As your trusted partner in weighing technology, Thayer Scale recognizes that your weighing equipment plays an important role in maintaining your product quality and overall business success. An ongoing return on your investment demands that your equipment be well-maintained and in peak operating condition.

With unmatched depth of experience in servicing and maintaining Thayer Scale equipment, our service and support team will help you optimize the performance of every component of your equipment. Our goal is to help you achieve and maintain high overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) throughout the product life cycle.

At Thayer Scale, customer satisfaction is our goal; we are dedicated to delivering comprehensive and safe services that provide unsurpassed value to our customers. With that in mind, all Thayer Scale employees—from the receptionist at the front desk to the technician in the field—are trained to deliver service excellence. The result is outstanding service, reliable and safe equipment, and a worry-free business relationship.

Technical Support

As with all precision weighing equipment, your Thayer Scale equipment will function best when factory field service representatives commission and perform routine service and repairs.

  • Informal training at the job site is included when field service is purchased for initial equipment commissioning.
  • Comprehensive, formal product training is available for operator training and in-depth diagnostics and repair; in addition, we assist in the development of best practices and/or standard operating procedures. Thayer Scale develops and delivers customized content to supplement employees’ skill sets and to instill confidence in operating and maintaining equipment.
  • We offer customized classes to suit site-specific system configurations and operator expertise.

Five “pillars” of service excellence support our customer service strategy:

1. Equipment Service

  • We promptly and efficiently respond to our clients’ concerns and requests.
  • Our technicians are trained in all aspects of the Thayer Scale equipment.

2. Teamwork

  • We offer seamless project coordination to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

3. Customer Relationships

  • We earn our clients’ trust by respecting their role and responsibility.
  • We give our clients our full attention.
  • We provide the resources to get the job done right the first time.

4. Extended Warranty

  • Our extended warranty provides two full years of parts coverage.*

5. Safety

  • Safety is our number one priority—the safety of your organization, your employees, our employees, and your equipment.
  • We ensure technicians are properly trained and committed to our Safety Management System.
  • We proactively review client projects to preempt technical and safety challenges.
  • We provide guidance—beyond the immediate safety concern—to reduce the chance of safety incidences.

*Field service must be purchased with the equipment (included on same purchase order) in order to extend warranty to two years. Travel coverage is not in consonance with the warranty information in Hyer Industries, Inc. Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale. At its option Thayer Scale will repair or replace F.O.B. point of shipment, the defective part or parts and such correction shall constitute a fulfillment of all Thayer Scale liabilities in respect to such equipment. Excluded from this warranty are conveyor belts and component parts not manufactured by Thayer Scale which will carry the warranty as offered by the individual manufacturer.

Customer Service & Engineering