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Loss-in-Weight Feeders

Thayer Scale, with nearly seventy years of experience, offers the broadest range of loss in weight feeder systems of any manufacturer. Each of our high-performing loss-in-weight feeders provides precision-class accuracy and repeatability in demanding and strenuous process environments.

Thayer Scale’s loss-in-weight feeders come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and can incorporate various volumetric feeding devices to suit the process’s material-handling characteristics and flow rates. (Flow rates may be as slow as two grams/minute and as fast as 100,000 pounds/hour.) We offer a powerful set of proprietary add-on accessories designed to solve problematic flow issues, such as bridging, flushing, adhesion, and cohesion. In addition, our instrumentation has powerful software routines specifically aimed at optimizing a feeder’s performance, such as output compensation, disturbance control, linearization, temperature compensation, and automated calibrations.

Our loss-in weight feeders provide:

  • Extended operating range
  • Durable scales that withstand abuse
  • A single load cell that can be accessed and/or replaced without removing the feeder/weigh hopper
  • Flexible mounting options: floor-mounted, rotating, stationary, wheeled, forklift-based, suspended
  • Fast access for cleaning
  • Screw augers that can be changed without tools
  • Damage-free handling of delicate and/or fragile materials