Volumetric Feeder

Thayer Volumetric Feeders

Thayer Scale manufactures a durable and long-lasting volumetric feeder specifically designed to feed difficult powders such as TiO2, talc and calcium carbonate, and to address the flooding and bridging problems posed by many other powders.

Our innovative and high-quality volumetric feeders offer:

  • A unique feeder trough that deaerates and confines powder at the initial fill cycle to prevent flooding
  • An independently-driven agitator that conditions the material and introduces it to the feed screw with a consistent density
  • Feeders that disassemble easily (tool-free) for thorough cleaning, eliminating contamination problems which often occur when changing materials
  • Heavy-gauge 304 stainless steel as a standard offering (316 stainless steel is also available)
  • Customized screw lengths and special designs to facilitate operation over a wide operating range with both heavy- and light-density materials

Volumetric Feeder Manufacturer Overview

Thayer Scale is a leading global manufacturer of equipment for the continuous weighing industry. Founded in 1949, we provide engineered solutions for the food, energy and building products, and chemical and industrial industries. Our unyielding focus on product line specialization enables us to design and develop market-leading conveyor belt scales and gravimetric feeders.

Innovation—along with a continual commitment to product improvement —drives Thayer Scale’s strategy. We pride ourselves on delivering accurate, “Built to Survive” weighing systems and material-handling solutions that exceed customer expectations. Our customers—many of whom produce end-products for the world’s leading brands—consider us a trusted partner in their manufacturing efforts.

Material Handling Solutions

Patented systems include Bridge Breaker® technology, powder handling feeder and the Spiralator™ hopper agitation system.

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