Test Center Purpose

Testing in Thayer Scale is fully equipped material test center is time well spent if your company has not previously used gravimetric feeders, or if a new material is to be used, or if you are experiencing material feeding difficulties. We have equipped and staffed our facility to assure accurate and reliable results that can be evaluated against your particular process needs.

Dry Particulate Feeder Facility

Thayer Scale operates a 2,000 ft2 (186m2), fully equipped dry particulate feeder test center in a dedicated wing of our Massachusetts, USA factory. A full time staff performs product application and performance testing with user supplied materials. The facility is designed to duplicate as closely as possible industrial processing conditions. The test center has sufficiently high ceilings so that large capacity supply bins and automatic material handling devices can be employed.

Verified Material Testing

Material test data helps users verify accuracy and assess equipment performance. Catch samples up to 1,500 lb/hr (680 kg/hr) can be demonstrated and flow rates without sampling can be shown up to 5,000 lb/hr (2,270 kg/hr). Sample scales are traceable to National Institute of Standards Testing. Complete documentation tests are provided using our data acquisition system. On request, video recording of the complete test is available at no charge for those who cannot attend or for those who require a record for review by colleagues.

Material Applications Engineering

Highly skilled, well trained Thayer Scale engineers can help users analyze material handling characteristics and determine the most effective feeder and instrumentation choice for specific application needs. Material property analyses are routinely performed, including particle screen sizing, determination of air index, bulk density, angle of repose and optimum hopper wall angle for mass flow.

Gravimetric and Volumetric Feeders

The test center is equipped with a complete range of Thayer Scale gravimetric and volumetric feeders, including loss of weight feeders with auger and vibratory discharge, weigh belt feeders and a variety of specialized and proprietary flow aids. Automatic refill hoppers and an efficient dust control system makes tests fast, clean and efficient.