Instrumentation Upgrade

Improve your process reliability and efficiency while lowering your operating and maintenance costs with Thayer Scale’s innovative Model Series 5200 and Model S52 family of gravimetric feeder and conveyor belt scale instrumentation. These powerful and intuitive instrument packages offer high-performance, ultra-fast execution time, and seamless integration to your host supervisory control system, providing you with a unique portal to better help you monitor, control, and understand your critical processes.



Instrumentation Upgrade

If you are presently using THAYER Weigh Feeders and/or Conveyor Belt Scales equipped with earlier generations of THAYER instrumentation (I-128, ORT-132, ORT-132A, I-133, IFC-133, PI-164, PIC-168 or EZ-3200), or gravimetric feeders and conveyor belt scales supplied by other manufacturers, then you may benefit by upgrading to this latest technology.

Instrument upgrade kits can be installed and commissioned oftentimes using existing wire and conduit runs to reduce installation costs and with minimal impact to your operations and production goals.  No matter what your schedule we can work with you and your maintenance staff to minimize process downtime.

Since the S52 Series and Series 5200 families of instrumentation feature many of the same calibration routines, alarm messages, menu structures, and diagnostic tools as some of the previous generations of THAYER instrumentation, learning curves for new instrumentation are substantially reduced.

THAYER SCALE supplies comprehensive, detailed upgrade packages inclusive of all necessary hardware, drawings, manuals, programming data sheets and wiring/cabling requirements.

Contact us today for a free analysis of your existing gravimetric feeder and belt scale instrumentation.  Simply tell us how you want your process control equipment to work for you and we’ll show you how to get there!