Thayer Loss-In-Weight Feeders

THAYER Loss-In-Weight feeders come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and can incorporate various volumetric devices, depending on the material, handling characteristics and flow rates to be encountered. Flow rates may be as low as 2 grams/min. to over 100,000 lb/hr. The most versatile feeders include the screw feeder and the vibratory pan feeder.

Thayer Scale offers the broadest range of Loss-In-Weight feeders of any manufacturer. Each Loss-In-Weight feeder is designed to provide precision class accuracy and repeatability in the most demanding process environments.

Thayer Scale offers a powerful set of proprietary add-on accessories that defeat the problematic flow issues encountered by industry; bridging, flushing, adhesion, and cohesion to name just a few. Comprehensive process solutions that can only come from a company with over sixty years of experience.

  • Extended operating range.
  • Scales built to take abuse.
  • Load cells can be accessed/replaced without feeder/weigh hopper removal.
  • Flexible mounting options including floor mount, rotating base, stationary legs, wheel/caster, fork lift base, and/or “over process” suspension.
  • Fast access for cleaning.
  • No-Tools changeover.
  • Self-empting designs.
  • Handles delicate and/or fragile materials without damage.

THAYER is proud of the fact that it has designed and manufactured some of the most accurate industrial weighing equipment in the world, based on its flexure plate and flexure cable Force Measurement Suspension System (FMSS). It has supplied defense agencies with equipment that weighs uranium ingots weighing as much as 600 kilograms to an accuracy of 1.0 gram. It has supplied Loss-In-Weight feeders for critical manufacturing of liquid and dry rocket propellants, feeding difficult components to accuracies no other manufacturer could achieve.