The Bridge Breaker® & Flow Promotion Device Controller

The Bridge Breaker® Controller (BBC) is a self-contained unit capable of operating a variety of Flow Aid devices (FADs) for the purpose of insuring material flow thru hoppers, silos chutes or vessel. It can control various devices such as Thayer’s The Bridge Breaker®, vibrators, Air Cannons, Air Pads, etc. or combinations thereof.



The Bridge Breaker® & Flow Promotion Device Controller

An advantage of Thayer’s BBC is the ability to finely control the ON/OFF time of the FADs. In particular, the BBC has the ability to adjust the time between activating the FADs proportional to a signal from an external device such as a feeder. This way, the FADs are activated only as often as is necessary. Using a FAD too often can cause problems with the material as well as being a tremendous waste of energy. The BBC can also tie (link) channels together, which allows cascading of the FADs to effectively and efficiently keep the material moving.

Each channel is capable of controlling up to two solenoid operated air valves, each of which can operate one or two Bridge Breaker® screens or other Flow Aid Devices. It is important to understand that a flow aid device doesn’t move material, gravity does. The function of a flow aid device, such as The Bridge Breaker® flow aid, is to break down the formation of “arches” that support the material bearing down from above. When the arches are broken, the material must have a place to go, otherwise serious over-compaction can result.

Controller Modes of Operation

Microprocessor: Dual Core Atmega 128@ 18.432 Mhz
Program Memory (flash): 80 KB
Data Memory: 24 KB Basic + 4 KB Ladder Logic
Basic Execution Speed: 95,000/sec
Ladder Scan time: 10 ms
Serial Ports for Communication: 2 High-speed hardware independent serial ports
Configurable Baud rates: 2400 bps to 230,000 bps
Digital Inputs: 32 opto-isolated inputs 97.7 to 30 VDC) 17 TTL 5v input/output
configuable 1 TTL 5V input
Digital Output: 32 opto-isolated 24 volt DC TR outputs
Analog Inputs: 8 channel 10-bit ADC’s
Configurable voltage
0 to 5V or 0 to 10 V
Analog Outputs: 6 channel 16-bit PWM or DAC
Output voltage Range: 0 to 5V
configurable frequencies for PWW: 35 hz to 1.15 Mhz
External Interrupts: 4 Channels
High speed Counters: 2 Channels 16-bit Counters
Power: Required Power: 24 VDC Current Consumption w/ports unloaded:
CT 1720 Currant Consumption
@24V w/Backlight on: 170 mA
@24V w/ Back Light off: 70 mA
RTC (real time clock): Yes
Timers: 1 user Configurable Timer
Configurable Interval Units-10 ms
Data Memory Back-up: yes, a 1 Fahrad rechargable super-conductor is included
Package: Integrated Touch-screen Panel w/2 mm Headers and 2.5mm
RCABLE Headers
Operating Temperature: 0 degrees C to 70 degrees C
Size: 7.36″ x 5.00″ x 1.71”
Viewing Area (Touch sensitive): 4.5″ x 3.4″ (5.6″ diagonal)