Series 5200 Controller

For applications that require an elevated level of flexibility over elementary weighing indicators, the SERIES 5200 is simply the fastest and most affordable fully featured weight indicator and controller on the market today. Because of its many options, the SERIES 5200 offers the appropriate solution to various weighing tasks, commercial for trade belt scales, Loss-In-Weight Feeders, Weigh Belt Feeders , and batching . Furthermore it provides statistical information, data processing and data transfer.

  • Conveyor Belt Scale Integrator
  • Weigh Belt Integrator & Controller
  • Loss-In-Weight Feeder Controller
  • Batch Controller
  • Strain Gauge and LVDT Load Cells


Series 5200 Enhanced Capability Weigh Belt or Loss-In-Weight Controller and Integrator

The Series 5200 Instrument is designed to operate as an integral part of a weighing system to provide continuous information on material flow for external use. The Series 5200 instrumentation is comprised of four components: the Central Processing Unit (CPU) which includes the Application software on a Flash memory card, the Scale Unit (SU-5200), the Operator Interface (OI-5200), and the Scale Junction Box (SJB-5200). Accuracy in weight and speed signals, flexibility in both I/O assignment (user assignable) and system layout (CPU, OI-5200 and SU-5200 can be separated or mounted to the conveyor frame), and an intuitive display/keypad that makes the system easy to use are among the features that set the Series 5200 ahead of the competitors.

Secondary Lever System

Input Power Requirements

– Voltage Range: 120 to 240 VAC
– Frequency Range: 50 to 60 Hertz
– Phase Requirement: Single Phase
– Power Consumption: 350 W
– Supply Protection: Fused

Environmental Requirements

– Area Classification: Non-Hazardous
– Operating Temperature: 14 to 158° F (-10° to +70° C)
– Operating Humidity: 10 to 90% Non-Condensing
– Storage Temperature: -4 to 185° F (-20° to +85° C)
– Storage Humidity: 5 to 95% Non-Condensing
– Vibration Continuous: 10 <= f <= 57
0.0375 mm Amplitude
57 <= f <= 150
0.5 g Constant
– Vibration Occasional: 10 <= f <= 57
0.075 mm Amplitude
57 <= f <= 150
1.0 g Constant
– Shocks: 15 g, 11 Ms Half-Sine in Three Axis
– Altitude Operational Up to 2000 Meters
– Altitude Storage Up to 3000 Meters (70 kPa)

Standard Dimensional Requirements

– Open Chassis: Type IP23, 13.0″ H x 11.0″ W x 6.0″ D
(330.2 x 1279.4 x 152.4 mm)
– Enclosed: Type IP66, 13.8″ H x 11.8″ W x 7.9″ D
(350 x 300 x 200 mm)

Agency Approvals

– Underwriters Laboratories, UL File #E208487

Interface Communication Requirements

– Isolated RS-422/485 4000 Wire Feet Max to SU-5200
– Isolated RS-422/485 4000 Wire Feet Max to Remote OI-5200

Standard Input/Output Specifications

– Analog Output:Isolated 4-20 mA into 750 Ohm Load Maximum
Sourcing, +24 VDC Compliance Voltage, Range 0-24 mA
AO-1 Programmable, Field Selectable

– Analog Input: Isolated 4-20 mA into 750 Ohm Load Maximum
Sourcing, +24 VDC Compliance Voltage, Range 0-24 mA
AO-1 Programmable, Field Selectable
– Digital Inputs: Require Dry Contact Closures
Sourcing, +12VDC with 10 mA Minimum Sink Current
DI-1 Discrete – Drive Status
DI-2,3,4 Programmable, Field Selectable
– Digital Outputs: Isolated Relay Outputs
Max. Voltage 240 VAC/VDC, Max. Current 120 mA
Fault Discrete – System Fault (Form C)
DO-1,2 Programmable (Form A)
DO-3,4 Programmable (Form C)
Totals 1 Discrete – Totalizer 1 (Form A)
Totals 2 Discrete – Totalizer 2 (Form A)
– Frequency Output Transistor Output, Range 0-25 KHz
Minimum Sink Current Sourcing, +24VDC with 10 mA
Frequency Programmable, Field Selectable

Expanded Input/Output Specifications

– Analog Outputs: Isolated 4-20 mA into 750 Ohm Load Maximum
Sourcing, + 24 VDC Compliance Voltage, Range 0-24 mA
AO-2 Programmable Field Selectable
Typically Drive Output on Controller Applications
– Analog Input: Isolated 4-20 mA
Sinking, Input Impedance 169 Ohm
AI-1 Programmable Field Selectable
AI-2 Programmable Field Selectable
– Frequency Input: Isolated Transistor Input, Range 0-25 KHz
Sourcing (+5VDC) or Sinking (Range 3-24VDC)
Frequency Programmable, Field Selectable