Thayer’s line of light industry gravimetric weigh belt Feeders are designed to weigh accurately and reliably in harsh industrial environments with minimal maintenance. They can be used with an open loop belt drive to gravimetrically measure the flow of material, or with closed loop control to operate as a feeder and regulate the material flow rate.

Thayer Scales Light Industry Weigh Belt Feeders are designed to meter a wide range of materials across many industries, from dusty, cohesive powders, friable products such as potato chips and croutons through to trace color additives. Feed rates range from 0.025 to 35 STPH with product density from 3-100 lbs/ft3 and material particle size from 325 mesh to 1.0 inch.

Each weigh belt feeder can be adapted in length and width to meet any customers’ specific requirements. They are available in open design, with or without covered conveying channel or in complete enclosed design.

  • Continuous, uninterrupted weighing accuracy to + or – 0.5%
  • Low maintenance design, easy to dismantle and maintain
  • Small installation space require
  • Long term accuracy and reliability with low cost of ownership.
  • Can be easily and economically adapted to support future capacity needs.

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