Foresting Industry

These products are “Built to Survive,” and capable of precise measurement in harsh operating environments without damage or calibration drift. Our commitment to continuous product improvement creates lasting value.

Our modifiable, designed-to-fit solutions easily integrate with existing systems and into available space. When necessary, our project engineering team collaborates with clients to develop custom solutions for unique process requirements.

Our solutions for the engineered wood products industry include:

  • Loss-in-weight feeders to meter dry resin and borate into blenders in the correct proportion.
  • Conveyor belt scales that provide accurate and repeatable flow rate measurement for low-density and light-loading applications.
  • Low-capacity weigh belts that precisely meter wood waste and hog fuel (i.e., bark, sawdust, log ends) into combustion furnaces, where flue gases free water from wood cells in the drying process.
  • High-capacity weigh belts for (1) green strands to optimize the efficiency of single- or triple-pass dryers and (2) blender feed applications to properly synchronize powdered resin, slack wax, or liquid resin to the measured wood flow.
  • Specialized mass counterbalanced weight sensing systems for reporting mat density prior to pressing operations.
  • Hopper and silo flow aid solutions to ensure reliable, uninterrupted flow of interlocking particle shapes.