Tobacco Production & Processing Machines

The history of tobacco use in the Americas goes back thousands of years when indigenous peoples chewed or smoked the leaves of the plants now known as Nicotiana rustica and Nicotiana tabacum. After European colonization, tobacco became the most profitable crop exported from the Americas.

Today, tobacco is an agricultural commodity product, similar in economic terms to agricultural foodstuffs. Tobacco and tobacco related products are a global industry that contributes to the agricultural, fiscal, manufacturing, and exporting sectors of many of the world’s economies. New tobacco markets in the developing world still continue to emerge.

In spite of policies and laws that restrict tobacco use, smoking has increased globally with almost 6 trillion cigarettes produced each year. To meet the needs of today’s adult tobacco consumers, major tobacco producers are committed to innovation, harm reduction, prevention of underage use, and informed consumer choice.

Highly automated processes manufacture todays’ tobacco products. For decades, companies involved in the manufacture of cigarettes, cigars, snuff, and chewing tobacco have relied on Thayer Scale equipment to maintain the consistency and distinctive character of their brands.

Tobacco Inventory Control

Blending Tobacco

Casing, Flavoring & Drying

Dry Ice Expanded Tobacco

Smokeless Tobacco

Weighing equipment for use in the Tobacco industry

Weighing equipment for the tobacco industry includes:

Weigh belts

  • Designed for light-density material handling in light loading applications (Model M-LD and MXL-LD)
  • Available with open or enclosed construction
  • Built to accommodate to new or existing process streams

Loss-in-weight feeders

  • Auger discharge
  • Vibratory pan discharge
  • Feed rates from grams/minute to tons/hour

Flexible conveyor belt scale designs that support changing configurations

Hopper and silo flow aids

  • Provides consistent, uninterrupted flow of material