Cheese Production & Processing Machines

Due to its protein rich nutritional value, longer shelf life and flavors that appeal to all generations, cheese products have become one of the highest consumed foods.

Brand owners are recognizing that advanced processing technologies are needed to keep pace with evolving consumer trends in flavor, color and texture. The application of additives during different stages of industrial cheese production, play an important role in quality and customer perception of final cheese products.

Thayer Scale offers a broad suite of food safe technology solutions that help our customers in the cheese processing industry protect their brand and develop products that appeal to their customers, keeping them satisfied.

Cheese (Shred / Grate)

Thayer Scale

Cheese (Curd) Processing

Thayer Scale stainless steel screw feeder

Cream Cheese

Cheese Processing

Weighing equipment for use in the Cheese industry

Weigh belts

  • Designed to calculate and load light-density materials
  • Easily modified for open- or closed-construction
  • Adaptable to new or existing process streams


  • Loss-in-weight feeders
  • Single- or twin-screw
  • Vibratory pan or rotary feeder
  • Feed rates from grams/minute to tons/hour

Hopper and silo discharge solutions

  • Created to ensure precise, uninterrupted flow of material
Loss-in-Weight feeder
HWF Hygienic Weigh Feeder