Chemical Industry

Thayer Scale’s accurate, reliable, and robust weigh feeders help chemical companies control quality and costs. Our clients trust us to identify highly-effective weighing and feeding solutions, and to design custom systems for unique situations.

Over seventy years of industry experience informs our scales and weigh feeder designs—they consistently withstand harsh chemicals industry conditions, and many have features specially designed for corrosive or hazardous environments. All of our products can be paired with sophisticated software and indicators to create weighing systems that control, monitor, and record production throughput and output.

Equipment for the chemicals industry includes:

Light- and heavy-duty weigh belt feeders

Loss-in-weight feeders with

  • Single, differential and twin-screw augers
  • Vibratory trays
  • Rotary feeders

Unique conveyor belt scale designs that can accompany a wide range of conveyor configurations, including belt widths and inclines

Hopper or silo discharge devices that ensure precise uninterrupted flow of material on demand

Continuous and batch systems

Process control and monitoring instrumentation