Green Bean Cleaning

The first stage of industrial coffee production is green bean cleaning. Coffee beans harvested from around the world ship to Industrial coffee roasters’ warehouses and processing plants in break-bulk form.

Thayer Scale Equipment for Green Bean Cleaning

After bulk coffee is received, weighed, and debagged, waste stream materials such as jute or sisal bag strings, remaining fruit residue, twigs and other miscellaneous debris are removed in several steps using string catchers, bean cleaners and magnets. After passing through metal detectors, coffee beans pass through a Thayer Scale Model “MWF” Weigh Belt that simultaneously measures the rate of flow, and total amount of beans on a continuous basis. The user’s host supervisory control system compares the total weight reported by the weigh belt to the incoming receiving weights and performs a mass balance calculation used for inventory control and for improving cleaning system efficiencies.

Weighing equipment for the coffee industry includes:

Weigh belts

  • Highly-accurate for reliable, repeatable measurements and batch control
  • Available with open or enclosed construction
  • Designed to fit new or existing process flow streams
  • Cantilevered conveyor assembly simplifies maintenance

Loss-in-weight feeders

  • Auger discharge
  • Vibratory pan discharge
  • Feed rates from grams/minute to tons/hour

Hopper and silo material flow promotion solutions

  • Provide consistent, uninterrupted material flow
Enclosed Model MWF-OS Weight Belt feeder features a cantilevered conveyor assembly for ease of cleaning and maintenance.
Model PF-S is designed for fast, easy and thorough clean out.