Blending Tobacco

Nearly all cigarettes smoked today feature a mixture of tobacco varieties (mainly Virginia, Burley and Oriental) and cuts (whole leaf, lamina, CRES (Cut Rolled Expanded Stems) and BL (Blended Leaf)) that in combination, give each recipe their unique bright or robust flavor.

Thayer Scale Equipment for Blending

With product densities ranging from 4 to 15 pounds per cubic foot (64 to 240 kilograms per cubic meter), and processing machines capable of producing 20,000 cigarettes a minute, blending equipment must feature high precision and repeatability.

Thayer Scale Low Density Model “M” and “MXL” Weigh Belts are specifically engineered to provide accurate and repeatable rate measurement and flow rate control of low-density materials. Heavy-duty welded box frame construction resists deflection and distortion, while readily accommodating variation in belt width, length and incline.

Exceptional measurement accuracy and repeatability of low density materials is possible through Thayer Scale’s unique weight sensing system which;

  • Supports single or multiple idlers to optimize measurement based on product density and loading.
  • Measures only vertical forces – unaffected by changes in idler friction.
  • Is force aligned, totally eliminating the effects of changes in belt tension.
  • Has no moving or wearing parts.
  • Is not susceptible to vibration.
  • Measures load irrespective of load position – immune of off-center loading.
  • Provides mass counter-balancing so the weight signal only represents material load.
  • Features a single load cell whose force range is selected based on net, rather than gross weighing needs.

The use of precision low torque idlers that facilitate precise alignment of the weigh bridge, in combination with automatic zero functionality reduce the magnitude and frequency of tension / misalignment errors. Stable zero (tare) repeatability permits longer intervals between manually supervised calibration events.

Weighing equipment for the processing of tobacco

Weighing equipment for the tobacco industry includes:

Weigh belts

  • Designed for light-density material handling in light loading applications (Model M-LD and MXL-LD)
  • Available with open or enclosed construction
  • Built to accommodate to new or existing process streams

Loss-in-weight feeders

  • Auger discharge
  • Vibratory pan discharge
  • Feed rates from grams/minute to tons/hour

Flexible conveyor belt scale designs that support changing configurations

Hopper and silo flow aids

  • Provides consistent, uninterrupted flow of material