Energy and Power Industry

Environmental and clean air regulations, paired with consumer demand for clean energy, are forcing coal and power companies to produce new blends of coal. Varying coal grades and qualities compose these mixtures, which heighten boiler efficiency, enhance boiler control, and reduce boiler maintenance. As a result, utilities rely on blended coal mixtures to help them conform to government environmental regulations.

Industry regulations dictate that coal producers’ blends must meet contracted specifications for ash, sulfur, BTU, and moisture. To ensure maximum profitability, coal producers must precisely meet—not exceed or fail—these stated requirements.

Thayer Scale offers the following products to support coal-blending applications:

Weigh belt feeders

  • Models MD, MDL, MH, and MDH weigh belt feeders weigh and/or control the flow of material to and from any process within the plant.

Conveyor belt scales

  • Our scales accommodate belts from 18 to 96 inches wide and range from single to eight idler configurations, including NTEP-approved 4, 6, and 8 idler models certified for trade.

Energy & Power Industry Equipment