Steel & Iron Industry

Thayer Scale has a proven history of building continuous weighing and batching equipment specifically designed to maintain accuracy and functionality in steel manufacturing and iron ore processing plants. Several decades ago, we created the Heavy Industry Model M Weigh Belt for the steel industry’s Bessemer Process, a process that requires accurate handling of materials with a wide range of densities and particle sizes. Today, with continuing design modifications and enhancements, our Model MD and MDH weigh belts are used in similar duty in several mills in North America.

DRI mills around the globe use Thayer Scale’s unique loss-in-weight cable scale to dose limestone, dolomite, and other staple materials used in the manufacture of DRI pellets and other iron and steel products.

Thayer Scale’s highly accurate conveyor belt scales are used in many iron ore applications, including the unloading of Great Lakes ore boats. In this application, we provide unloading conveyors designed to operate at rates up to 10,000 tons/hour, while holding a 0.25% tolerance. Steel manufacturers employ our accurate conveyor belt scales throughout the steel making process to (1) control coal and coke inventory, (2) manage raw ingredients, and (3) weigh finished product for trade.