Cement Industry

Thayer Scale secured its first cement-manufacturing customer in 1973; since then, we have designed and developed weigh-feeders and conveyor belt scales to serve our cement customers worldwide. Our long-lasting products are precise, sturdy, and easily-maintained.

For cement manufacturers, tracking accurate measurements of (1) inbound raw materials (e.g., gypsum, clinker, silica, and limestone), (2) in-process material consumption, (3) precise ingredient blending, and (4) final-product dispatch is critical to operational efficiency. Thayer Scale offers a complete line of durable, innovative equipment to serve the cement industry’s bulk-material metering and proportioning needs. Customers trust our collaborative team of engineers to retrofit their existing cement plants with custom, technology-based solutions designed to increase productivity and extend equipment life.

Thayer Scale products for the cement industry include:

  • Conveyor belt scales
  • Weigh belt feeders
  • Loss-in-weight feeders
  • Volumetric feeders
  • Controllers and power panels
  • Process engineering
  • Alternative-fuels process control

Cement Related Equipment