Textiles Industry

Thayer Scale offers feeding products and systems for the textile industry which deliver exceptional accuracy and repeatability across a wide range of material throughputs. (They can deliver additives at rates between 0.25 and 100,000 pounds per hour.) We customize our textiles industry products and systems to fit each client’s unique application.

Using the most innovative and state-of-the-art control, monitoring, totalization, and feeding technology, our high-quality products accurately monitor material usage, reduce scrap, and improve efficiency.

Thayer Scale’s weighing equipment for the textiles industry includes:

Custom-engineered equipment that satisfies a customer’s unique process requirements and physical constraints

Specialty products, like our Model M-LD and MXL-LD weigh belts, and conveyor belt scales designed to handle low-density products in light-loading applications

Loss-in-weight feeders for additives and other low rate materials

  • Single- or twin-screw
  • Vibratory pan or rotary feeder
  • Wide ranging feed rates

Hopper or silo discharge devices to ensure precise uninterrupted flow of materials with interlocking particles and cohesive properties on demand