Thayer Scale Has Weighing Solutions For a Wide Range of Food Segments


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Thayer Scale’s significant process knowledge has resulted in highly-engineered designs that ensure long-term accuracy and functionality, and adherence to the industry’s stringent sanitary and safety requirements.



In cheese conversion shredded cheese and anti-clumping agents are metered into a rotating coating drum wherein individual cheese strands are uniformly coated to prevent particle agglomeration in packaging. Thayer Scale’s Hygienic Weigh Feeders (HWF) accurately measure the rate of flow of shredded cheese based on the direct measurement of mass and velocity variables. Its proprietary, easy-to-clean Loss-in-Weight feeder technology is used to assure precise, reliable delivery of the anti-clumping agents to a single-point or uniformly across a wide band.



Thayer Scale is helping our customers in the coffee processing industry meet evolving municipal building code requirements and trends toward aesthetic facility designs.



Thayer Scale’s confectionery clients benefit from guidance on material handling problems and from innovative solutions.



Thayer Scale offers continuous weighing and batching solutions for growers and nut processors ranging from NTEP approved weighing solutions that generate certified for trade origin weights for crop yield reports and packing operations in the fields, to accurate and repeatable sanitary metering solutions for nut butter / paste, powder, oil and dairy-free beverage base processes, as well as proportional flow rate control of individual product streams in mixed nut blending systems.

Pet Food


For decades, pet food manufacturers have trusted Thayer Scale to provide safe and innovative material processing and handling solutions.

Snack Food


Thayer Scale’s solutions for the snack food industry ensure compliance with the industry’s strict standards for safety and cross-contamination.



More than fifty years ago Thayer Scale supplied its first weigh belt feeder to the largest tobacco company in the world. Today, our market-leading products and services for the tobacco industry remain durable, innovative, and cost-efficient.

Broad Suite of Sanitary and Hygienic Equipment

Hygienic Weigh Feeder Offers Next Level Sanitation and High Accuracy Weighing

Thayer Scale’s HWF model Hygienic Weigh Feeder is designed to accurately weigh food and dairy products which are subject to stringent sanitation requirements. The feeder provides a flow rate measurement solution for the enhanced food safety processing segment. Thayer Scale developed the HWF model to help the sanitary space meet the challenges of this new era of smarter food safety initiatives imposed by the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). The HWF is designed and built in accordance with the applicable provisions of NAMI (North American Meat Institute), 3-A, NSF and USDA specifications for industry segments that require compliance with food traceability rules and food safety plans.

HWF Hygienic Weigh Feeder | What is weigh feeder

Compliance with FSMA Hygienic Food Traceability Rules and Food Safety Plans

Thayer Scale’s Model HWF Hygienic Weigh Feeder is designed and built in accordance with the applicable provisions of 3-A, USDA, and NSF design standards to:

  • Provide accurate and repeatable in-process bulk material flow rate measurement for mass balance calculations and process control.
  • Reduce sanitation time – the HWF disassembles quickly without hand tools to optimize sanitation effectiveness.
  • Tolerate high pressure, high-temperature sanitation evolutions without calibration drift or compromising measurement sensitivity.
  • Provide a long-term, low cost of ownership with rugged, “Built-to-Survive” construction.
  • Assist with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and HARPC (Hazard Analysis and Risk-Based Preventive Controls) program compliance.

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Broad Range Weighing Solutions for Food Processing

Additive Metering Feeder | Additive Metering Solutions | Thayer Scale Bulk Material Handling

Thayer Scale has a broad suite of sanitary products for the food industry. Our equipment is used to weigh and convey candy / confectionery, cheese (shred / grate), coffee, nut processing, pet food, potato products and snack food. Our products include sanitary weigh belt feeders, loss-in-weight feeders, flexible conveyor belt scales, hopper- and silo-discharge solutions, and weigh belts. By providing a full line of SANITARY feeders, and emerging solutions for the HYGIENIC space, Thayer Scale is able to meet most any food processing requirements and provide solutions that are durable and cost-efficient.


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Safe and Innovative Material Processing and Handling Solutions for the Food Industry

Thayer Scale’s customers rely on Thayer Scale to design, manufacture, and service long-lasting equipment that can be easily integrated and modified to accommodate existing systems. Thayer Scale’s commitment to innovation and technical advancement leads the company to produce highly-accurate equipment that can be managed and maintained remotely, thereby reducing cost of ownership.

Thayer Scale’s significant process knowledge has resulted in highly-engineered designs that ensure long-term accuracy and functionality, and adherence to the industry’s stringent sanitary and safety requirements. Thayer Scale provides safe and innovative material processing and handling solutions for the food industry.


MWF-OS Sanitary Weigh Belt

Sanitary & Hygienic Equipment

  • Sanitary weigh belt feeders
  • Loss-in-weight feeders
  • Flexible conveyor belt scales
  • Hopper- and silo-discharge solutions
  • Food grade conveyor weigh belts