Elongated Mass-Counterbalanced Scale

Thayer Scale’s Elongated Mass-Counterbalanced (EMC) scale is significantly more cost-effective and efficient than traditional batching and blending processes. These solutions require expensive gravimetric feeders to deliver a precise quantity of material to a statically weighed receiving device like a rotary-bucket. Operating independently, the feeders meter the ingredient to the rotary-bucket. Once complete, the rotary-bucket scale will confirm the batch size is correct, and then will rotate, or dump the contents to a downstream process. This solution is costly and consumes valuable production time.

The EMC is a precise, mass-counterbalanced scale that permits a long (up to 40’) conveyor (which may be belt-conveyors, metal-segmented conveyors, or other similar devices) to be “converted” to a real-time weighing system. By doing this, accumulative batching or blending of multiple ingredients can be performed directly on the conveyor. Also, lower-cost volumetric feeders can be deployed for each ingredient since the weighing function is being performed serially by the EMC.

The EMC is available in lengths up to 40 feet, and widths of 36, 42, 48 and 60 inches.