ACCU-FLEX Suspension System | Conveyor Belt Scale | Weigh Feeder

Thayer Scale’s patented ACCU-FLEX Suspension System (scale) is a dual load-cell suspension system has a sensitive design for precise weighments of light loading materials, even in harsh environments. It is rugged, yet highly flexible. Its flexure-based design is extremely robust, is not prone to damage, is out of the way for cleaning, and is not subject to tare build-up causing incorrect calibration. Originally designed to operate with the industry-leading Model MTF weigh feeder, the ACCU-FLEX Suspension System is now available as a drop-in retrofit to a wide range of third-party conveyor belts. The suspension system is available in widths from 18” to 48” and can operate with a wide range of belt-loading values and material flow-rates. And an optional Automated Test Weight Lifter (ATWL) mechanism provides a means for completely automatic calibration.