For over seventy years, Thayer Scale has developed a breadth of weighing solutions that deliver precision and durability across a wide spectrum of materials. Their expertise in the continuous weighing and feeding of bulk materials and commitment to customer service and quality propels them to design and manufacture robust weighing and feeding equipment that provides a rare combination of precision measurement with extreme reliability. Thayer Scale weigh belt feeders are designed to handle a variety of materials (e.g., plastics, iron ore, metals, wood chips, coffee) and feed ranges (from 30 pounds/hour to 3,000 tons/hour). Belt widths range from 10 to 96 inches and belt lengths from 24 inches to over 60 feet. The equipment delivers precise operating accuracy between +/- 0.25 – 1.0% of the flow, depending on the material, technical constraints of the installation, and condition of use. If you need a Built to Survive weigh belt feeder, they are the partner to trust.

Thayer Scale equipment

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