Additive Metering Feeder

Dry seasoning processes require a perfect combination of feeding and weighing technologies. To solve the challenge of applying the right portion of dry topical seasoning to fried, baked or extruded snack products, Thayer Scale designed a additive metering feeder solution with a unique combination of technologies, accurate measurement and proper flow promotion. By integrating a “Base Material Measurement” module with an “Additive Dispensing” module and controlling the material delivery process with its integrated 52-series instrumentation, Thayer Scale developed precise “in-phase” ingredient dosing, and a robust system that handles wide variation in product flow. The result, consistent application of seasoning, no flavor gaps, or flavor bombs.

Features of Thayer Scale’s Additive Metering Solution:

Base Material Measurement

  • Modular Weighbridge – wide range of options for installation in existing plant conveyors. Custom-engineered to drop seamlessly into existing conveyor structures, while providing high measurement accuracy and stability.
  • Sanitary Weigh Belt – alternatively choose from a full range of turnkey sanitary weigh belt solutions that are precise, easy-to-clean, rugged and dependable. Custom-engineered to fit into existing process layouts.

Additive Dispensing

  • Volumetric or Gravimetric Feeder – wide-range of single and twin-screw auger-based feeders for most ingredients that require a single-point dispensing location.
  • Gravimetric Scarf Plate – vibratory loss-in-weight feeders including integral material agitation and scarf plate feeding tray for applications that require an even distribution across a wide dispersion zone.

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