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Over the years, Thayer Scale has pioneered in the development of unique solutions to perplexing problems facing its customers. Solutions already exist for questions like these:

  1. How can we eliminate seal, shaft, and screw flight breakage, and the occasional arch-induced flow starvation with our light capacity, low rate feeders? Visit our page about Differential Screw Feeders to learn more.
  2. How can we eliminate the need to install a different feed tube every time we change feed screws? Visit our page about Differential Screw Feeders to learn more.
  3. How can we reliably feed interlocking shaped particles from the small opening at the bottom of a conical hopper feeding onto a vibratory feeder? Visit our page about Spiralator ™ feeders to learn more.
  4. How can we keep adhering powders from building up on our vibratory pan feeders? See the Thayer movies page to watch a movie on Nodal Membrane feeders.
  5.   How can we feed cohesive powders without screw-induced discharge pulsations? Visit our page about Spiralator™ feeders to learn more.
  6. How can we avoid having to clean our vibratory feeder trays when making a product changeover? Visit our page about Quick Changeover Trays to learn more.
  7. How can we more conveniently retrieve the residual material leftover in the hopper after the completion of a run? See the Thayer movies page to watch a movie about the Rotating Feeder Trough.
  8. How can we best add or interpose a weigh feeder into our existing screw or vibratory conveyor line while giving up the least amount of space?  Visit our page about Insertion Weighers to learn more.
  9. How can we better control groups of feeders to assure better in-phase blending of ingredients being added to a wild (uncontrolled) primary flow? Visit our page about Scale Location Compensation to learn more.
Nodal Membrane
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Quick Change Trays

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