Spiralator Vibratory Feeders


Consistent and smooth feeding over wide operating range of compacting powders or interlocking shaped particles.

The Spiralator Vibratory Feeder can provide advantages over screw feeders where special material characteristics and feeding objectives must be met. For example, most compacting powders that have a tendency to bore out and erratically discharge from slowly rotating screws are natural candidates for this wider application feeder design. Also, particles that have asymmetrical shapes and tend to interlock together to form clumps of material that are difficult to de-hopper from smaller conical outlets are oftentimes found to feed more reliably and smoothly with this feeding concept than with any other. As an additional bonus, this vibratory feeding alternative eliminates many of the potential maintenance and material leakage concerns that exist with screw feeder designs.


Gentle material conditioning to prevent compaction.
The unique Spiralator agitator design assures conditioned flow of these types of materials. The spiral agitator does not rotate in the direction which would compact material into the discharge instead it slowly counter-rotates, to gently and continuously lift the material closest to the hopper wall. The agitator is highly effective and gentle, to prevent damage to delicate products or stratification of powder blends. In addition, the Spiralator agitator permits using a vibratory tray discharge by relieving the tray of the full weight of the material. Thus, tray amplitude is steady and flow is uniform.