FMSS Cable Suspension Scale

The exclusive Thayer Scale “FMSS Cable Suspension design provides extremely high sensitivity. Weight loss is measured by a highly accurate, very sensitive, high output electronic force measurement sensor. Feeder dead load (feeder and weigh hopper) is mass-counterbalanced so that only material weight (live load) is measured. This feature helps assure excellent control in noisy environments.

All of the articulate parts of the scale mechanism are supported from axially inextensible, but laterally yieldable suspension elements, which are arranged to hang freely vertically throughout their lengths under all operating conditions, thereby avoiding any appreciable spring or hysteresis effects, variations in mechanical advantage, or binding due to imperfect leveling.

Design Principle

  • The sum of the torques generated by each pair of corner cables is proportional to scale loading.
  • Torque A is added to Torque B via Torque Tube#1.
  • The sum of these is added to Torque C via the torque transfer cable and equalizing levers.
  • The sum is then added to Torque D via torque Tube#2.
  • The weight on the load sensor extension lever is selected and positioned to oppose that portion of the summed torques attributable to tare.
  • The remaining torque value is proportional to net loading and is opposed by the load sensor.


  • Accurately measures load regardless of load position
  • Tolerant to support structure deflections and process vibrations
  • Inherently self aligning to gravity
  • Nulls out heavy tare loads
  • 1000% over load capacity
  • 15 year unconditional guarantee on the LC-137 (LVDT) Load Cell
  • Scale may be suspended from above or supported from below