Vibrating Nodal Membrane Feeder

The advantage to using Vibrating Tray Feeders is their ability to operate over a very wide feed range (typically 50:1 or greater) and provide exceptionally uniform flow rate with most materials. Standard metallic vibrating trays and tray lined with various coatings failed to prevent materials such as TiO2 from adhering to the pan surface creating compaction layers and eventually stopping flow.

For Additives That Build Up & Adhere to Surfaces

Thayer was able to find the right combination of materials and mounting design that allows the use of an elastomeric membrane, that coupled with the correct pan frequency, allows for metering of even the most difficult of materials.

In operation the patented “nodal-membrane” produces transverse, multiple-node standing (vibration) waves in the elastomeric membrane. These waves shed adhering materials by magnifying the alternating tensile and compressive surface strains at the conveying surface. Feed rates of as low as 2 lbs/hr have been achieved when handling cohesive powders.

Inter-nodal Membrane (Patented)

  • Produces transverse, mulitple-node standing (vibration) waves
  • Sheds adhering alternating tensile and compressive surface strains of elastomer insert
  • Self-Cleaning!