Thayer Scales Powder Feeder

Designed to accurately feed powders and other sluggish, cohesive materials, the Powder Feeder™ includes an integrated material agitation zone, a fully mass-counterbalanced suspension system, a mass-flow weigh hopper, and specially designed screws and seals to permit clean, contamination- free powder feeding.

Feed chamber with independently driven agitator assures precise, reliable delivery of material to the feed screw. Thayer Scale Powder Feeder models provide accuracy and durability. The Powder Feeder™ includes several unique features designed to ensure reliable, trouble-free performance.

Key Advantages:

  • U-trough feeder chamber – includes an independently driven agitator that effectively de-aerates the material to ensure consistent filing of auger flights
  • FMSS mass-counterbalance suspension system that maximizes load cell utilization to ensure responsiveness and accuracy across the widest possible range of feed rates
  • Quick-release screw with integrated shaft seal that can be removed for inspection, cleaning or replacement