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Conveyor Belt Scales Myths

First patented in 1910 Conveyor Belt Scales have become ubiquitous in a wide range of applications, from mining, to aggregate conveying, to ship loading. David Hyer, Thayer Scale president, addresses the common misconceptions surrounding the technology | Conveyor Belt Scales Myths.

Dispelling Myths

FOR OVER 60 YEARS, my company Thayer Scale has engineered and manufactured a wide range of belt scales, from the single-idler Quarry King, to our 8-idler Approach Retreat Belt Scale designed to meet the accuracy requirements of NTEP, OIML and NMI weighing.

In the decades we have been actively producing high accuracy conveyor belt scales, we have encountered several misunderstandings and misconceptions about belt weighers. In this article, we will (again) attempt to dispel these myths, and provide a little humor along the “weigh”.

In a recent article published by a technical journal, the following claims were made regarding belt scale performance:

This article first appeared in the July/August issue of the Australian Bulk Handling Review.