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Thayer Scale sanitary weigh belts (confectionery scales) are used in the manufacture of infused fruit confectionery, gummies and multivitamins. Filled molds are refrigerated and when the contents are solidified operators remove trays of molds out and release them onto a conveying system.Confectionery Scales | Sanitary Weigh Scales

Thayer Scale weigh belts are used to move the product along the flat surface so it can be coated with a light powder sugar or glycerin applied to ensure individual pieces don’t clump together. The coating also keeps the texture smooth without it getting slimy. The balance is critical, too much coating can cause agglomeration problems.

The trend in Cannabis products and consumer interest in its health benefits is a positive thing for Thayer Scale. Some of its customers in the confectionery segment are getting involved in the manufacture of CBD gummies and health-based health products like vitamins and nutraceuticals. This is a terrific growth opportunity for Thayer Scale, the company’s expertise in weigh belt equipment for confectionery production can be transferred to support this emerging market.

Sanitary Weigh Scales | Confectionery Scales Thayer Scale equipment is used extensively in food processing, and this sub-segment of the market involves various levels of approvals, regulatory. Manufacturers need to ensure product qualifies as ‘food safe’ for human consumption with no contamination. Our sanitary weigh belts adhere to the industry’s stringent sanitary and food safety requirements.

Now in our seventieth year of business Thayer Scale continues to deliver engineering solutions and lead the industry in the design and manufacture of high quality, high-performance equipment for the continuous weighing and feeding of dry bulk materials. Our solutions for the food processing industry are no exception.

Thayer Scale technical sales representatives are standing by to help you achieve new levels of success in your confectionery and gummies processing plants.​

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