Why Convey Material When You Can Convey And Weigh?

Low-Profile Cable Scale | Accurate Conveyor Belt Scale

Thayer Scale’s new Low-Profile Cable Scale (Model FP-LCS) provides the ability to convert your existing conveying equipment into a highly accurate customized weighing solution.

Many conveying systems include highly rigid conveyance mechanisms or other attributes which make it impossible to sense material during conveyance. Therefore, these conveying systems are not well suited for installation of an integrated weigh deck or loadcell-based weight-sensing device. To overcome this challenge, Thayer Scale designs and manufactures custom weigh platforms that mate directly to your existing conveying solutions.

The weigh platform effectively converts these conveyors into highly sensitive, mass-counterbalanced weighing platforms that allow you to manage and control weighing-specific process variables such as rate of flow, totalized material conveyed, and others variables. Also, using a Thayer Scale precision instrument package will allow you to report conveying-specific metrics like flow rate in buckets/minute.