New Material Testing Center

Thayer Scale, a leading manufacturer of equipment for the continuous weighing and feeding of bulk materials, reopens its newly modernized state-of-the-art material testing center. The 2,000 square foot (186m2) test center dedicated to dry particulate feeders resides in the manufacturing facility on the South Shore of Boston. Customers can evaluate volumetric and gravimetric feeding equipment running their materials in tests that replicate industrial processing conditions. An engineering team runs the trials and provides technical expertise to assess and resolve any material handling difficulties.

“Our test center is particularly useful for clients who are new to volumetric or gravimetric feeders, verify feeder performance and accuracy, are using new materials, or consistently experiencing material feeding problems,” said Robert Villano, Director of Business Development, Thayer Scale.

LIW Gravimetric Feeders with mezzanine level supported supply hoppers | Material Testing Center

LIW Gravimetric Feeders with mezzanine level supported supply hoppers

The material test center enables customers to conduct product application and performance testing using their supplied materials. High ceilings accommodate large-capacity supply bins and automated material handling devices. Material application engineers assist clients with analyzing material handling characteristics, selecting durable and cost-effective feeder and instrument applications, defining and calculating material properties, including material form, particle size, bulk density, flowability, and optimal feeder settings.

Villano added, “our team of engineers run the trials with our customers to determine the best equipment and solution for their material processing requirements before they make a purchase.”

The test center provides access to Thayer Scale gravimetric and volumetric feeders allowing customers to experiment with loss-in-weight feeders with auger and vibratory dischargers, weigh belt feeders, and a range of specialized and proprietary flow aids. The material test data and reports help customers verify accuracy and assess equipment performance before investing in capital equipment.