Thayer Scale Instrument Up-grades for

Thermo-Ramsey Belt Scales

Thayer Integrators are:
• S5200 – enhanced instrument (integrator or controller) with
extra I/O and analog outputs and front end digitizing at scale
with Scale Unit. Data is transmitted via RS485. S5200 is used
on all NTEP and high accuracy (0.1 – 0.25%) belt scales.
• S52i or S52c – simplified instrument (integrator or controller)
with similar screen as S5200 but with limited I/O and analog
functionality. No front end digitizing of load and speed.
• I340 – simple integrator with I/O, Analog capability. No front
end digitizing.
• All instruments have Ethernet IP/Modbus TCP and Profibus
communications except i340 which is Ethernet IP/Modbus TCP