Thayer Scale Loss In Weight Feeder

Thayer Scale Vibratory Loss-In-Weight Feeders are designed to provide precision class accuracy and repeatability and are ideally suited to gravimetrically deliver difficult-flowing ingredients and powders. They range in capacity from grams per minute to tons per hour. Thayer Scale’s range of feeders are the most versatile in the industry.

Thayer Scale’s Loss-In-Weight Vibratory Feeders are designed to operate over a wide operating range, while assuring uniform, non-pulsating flow of difficult-to-discharge materials, such as fine cohesive powders or fragile interlocking particles of irregular shapes. A slowly rotating, non-agitating, conical wire-spiral within the hopper counteracts the material’s tendency to pack under its own weight by virtue of its “lifting” action throughout the stored material. The resulting reduction in consolidation pressures throughout the material mass assures that the stored material will not develop sufficient strength to form stable arches that can cause erratic flow or complete flow stoppage. The combination of this unique material conditioning system and a vibrating pan feeder assures that the material will be handled reliably and gently throughout the entire feeding range.

Thayer Scale offers a powerful set of proprietary add-on accessories that are designed to defeat the problematic flow issues encountered by industry such as bridging, flushing, adhesion and cohesion. Comprehensive process solutions that can only come from a company with over seventy years of experience.

Thayer Scale’s S52c instrument provides continuous control of the flow of material to its process by monitoring the load and speed. It can compensate for non-linear performance of typical vibratory feeders. On a Loss-In-Weight application the S52c uses the change in weight of the feeder to determine instantaneous material flow rate and accumulative weight total information. The system provides enhanced volumetric control, used during refill and disturbance control enabling the system to consistently meet a fixed or varying target flow rate or set-point.

Thayer Scale’s built in Automatic Test Weight Lifter (“ATWL”) provides a means for automatically applying a known test load and going through a calibration sequence on computer or push-button demand to check scale calibration. The series of vibratory Loss-in-Weight feeders is designed to assure uniform, non-pulsating, and accurate feeding of a wide range of materials, from free flowing to friable to cohesive. See for more details.

Two feed tray designs available

  • (Standard) mirror finish steel tray is used for non-adhesive powders, pellets, granules, fibers and flakes.
  • (Optional) patented elastomer membrane insert fitted to our vibrating tray for materials that tend to adhere and build up on conveying surface.

Add-on Accessory options:

  • Patented Spiralator™
  • Patented FMSS Force Measurement Suspension System
    • Load Cell options
    • Thayer Scale LVDT Load Cell
    • Thayer Scale Strain Gauge Load Cell