Thayer Scale, a leading global manufacturer of equipment for the continuous weighing and feeding of bulk materials, introduces the Model MSV gravimetric feeder. The MSV pairs a rugged, economical volumetric feeder with a low-profile, mass-counterbalanced scale, resulting in a gravimetric feeder that provides highly responsive feed-rate control and accuracy in a small form-factor package. It offers precise rate control for free-flowing pellets and granules. Its design is compact, easy to clean, and economical, providing flexibility and efficient use of floor space.

The new MSV feeder includes Thayer Scale’s low-profile cable scale, which utilizes a micro-lever system that counterbalances the tare weight, resulting in load-cell utilization significantly higher than other options. The higher load-cell utilization provides numerous benefits, including higher accuracy, typically 0.25% of feed-rate, fast responsiveness to changes in set point or material density fluctuations, resulting in higher accuracy material delivery and the elimination of “dead zones” common in gravimetric feeding applications

Higher load-cell utilization also enables the MSV feeder to operate with longer gravimetric cycles, requiring fewer refills and a lower percentage of the gravimetric cycle operating in volumetric or “settling” mode.

The system is designed to operate with the Thayer Scale Differential Screw solution, enabling consistent, pulse-free delivery of material across a wide operating range.

“The MSV feeder is an ideal solution for free-flowing materials such as plastic pellets and granules. By pairing a high-resolution, mass-counterbalanced scale with a fast change-over, low-maintenance, industrial feeder, we believe the MSV will become the workhorse for our customers looking for an economical yet accurate feeding solution,” said David Hyer, President of Thayer Scale.

Thayer Scale’s equipment provides a rare combination of precision measurement and extreme reliability in a wide variety of industries and markets. The MSV is no exception. It features quick-release, tool-free change-over of augers and tubes, rapid clean out of the V-trough feed section, easy access to all serviceable components, a modular flexible design enabling clustering of up to six feeders. When used in conjunction with the Thayer Scale S52C instrumentation, the MSV provides a powerful control solution for free-flowing materials like plastic pellets, granules, and additives.