Thayer Scale New MSV Gravimetric Feeder Is Compact, Easy-to-Clean, Economical

Thayer Scale’s new Model MSV feeder is a high-precision, mass-counterbalanced gravimetric feeder that provides highly responsive feed-rate control and accuracy in a small form-factor package. The new feeder offers precise rate control for free-flowing pellets and granules. It is compact, easy-to-clean and economical. The feeder includes Thayer Scale’s new low-profile cable scale utilizing a micro-lever system which counterbalances the tare weight, resulting in load-cell utilization significantly higher than other options. That higher load-cell utilization provides numerous benefits; higher accuracy, typically 0.25% of feed-rate, fast responsiveness to changes in set point, or material density fluctuations, resulting in higher quality ratio material delivery and the elimination of “dead zones” common in gravimetric feeding applications.

It also has longer gravimetric cycles, requiring fewer refills and less time operating in volumetric or “settling” mode and significantly higher turn-down. The system is designed to operate with the Thayer Scale Differential Screw solution, enabling consistent, pulse-free delivery of materials across a wide operating range.

Other key features of the MSV gravimetric feeder include; quick-release, tool-free changeover of augers and tubes, rapid clean out of the V-trough feed section, easy access to all serviceable components, modular, and flexible design enabling clustering of up to 6 feeders.

  • Designed in small form-factor providing flexibility and efficient use of floor space
  • Micro-lever system delivers higher accuracy, fast responsiveness, longer gravimetric cycles and higher turn-down

  • Quick-release, tool-free changeover of screws and tubes
  • Rapid clean out of the V-through feed section
  • Easy access to all serviceable components
  • Modular, flexible design enabling clustering of up to 6 feeders
Thayer Scale MSV Gravimetric Feeder

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    • Built to Survive
    • Trusted for over 75 years

    MSV Gravimetric Feeder FAQ

    How easy is it to clean?

    Rapid clean out of the V-through feed section and standard feeder guide-rail options available to provide easy access to for cleaning and maintenance operations.

    How accurate are the feeders?

    A gravimetric system provides a great deal of feedback in terms of control, record keeping and inventory control. For instance, if a manufacturer is expected to provide on-going process documentation or validation to consumers, then gravimetric control will be deemed necessary.

    In today’s highly competitive industrial market, ensuring feeder accuracy is central to guarding against wasted material and rejected product. To guarantee an accurate, reliable and cost-effective solution to any feeding problems, gravimetric feeders are the best choice.

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