Small Scale Coffee Processing Machines

The Rise of Low-Profile Processing

Thayer Scale is helping our customers in the coffee processing industry meet evolving municipal building code requirements and trends toward aesthetic facility designs. To achieve this, we provide automated weighing solutions that reduce processing stack up height without compromising food safety and accuracy tolerances of coffee bean blending systems. | Small Scale Coffee Processing Machines.

Until recently, green bean blending consisted of gravity batch systems that required process-specific facility designs to accommodate the high stack-up height of storage hoppers and discharge chutes. Today, manufacturers typically lease space from third party management groups designed to be easily repurposed to meet the needs of future clients.

High accuracy delivery of green bean blends in a low profile stack-up that readily fits within today’s building designs is achieved with Thayer Scale weigh belts. The weigh belts eliminate gravity chute work and product free fall height to decrease product damage significantly. Gentle product handling maintains a higher bean quality and generates larger yields for the producer.

Thayer Scale weigh belts make the process easier to manage with fewer operators by automating the weighing process, seamlessly integrating with modern roasting profile software, facilitating automatic, real-time adjustments that mitigate green bean characteristic variances.

Using the weigh belts to deliver a wide range of batch sizes accurately allows processors to respond to rapidly changing customer needs and develop more customized product SKUs for their clients.

Thayer Scale weigh belts also play a vital supply chain role in green bean receiving, storage, and cleaning systems. Here, the weigh belts accurately determine the net amount of useable product from incoming bulk weights, which are often inclusive of waste stream materials such as jute bag strands, twigs, and other matter.

weight belt feeder | Small Scale Coffee Processing Machines
Now in our seventieth year of business Thayer Scale continues to deliver engineering solutions and lead the industry in the design and manufacture of high quality, high-performance equipment for the continuous weighing and feeding of dry bulk materials. Our solutions for the coffee processing industry are no exception.

Thayer Scale technical sales representatives are standing by to help you achieve new levels of success in your coffee processing plants.​




Small Scale Coffee Processing Machines