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G.A. Wintzer and Son Co., Wapakoneta, OH, is a full service company that recycles animal by-products and used cooking oil and produces and manufactures quality animal feed and bio-fuel ingredients. The company identified a problem with the methodology used to load trucks with protein meal. Using screw conveyors and a stopwatch, its system had only basic functionality and would often miss the container target weight, forcing the truck to reenter the loading facility after it had been weighed to be either topped off to meet its fill capacity, or worse yet, partially unloaded to meet legal…

The Benefits
Thayer’s weigh belt had a huge impact on the truck loading process. It accurately and repeatedly hits the container target weights within a range of ±0.25 to ±0.5%. This saved transportation costs by optimizing fill efficiency, eliminating transportation fines by no longer exceeding legal weight limits, and reduced labor costs by freeing up the human resources required for second handling of the truck containers.

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About Thayer Scale

Thayer Scale is a leading global manufacturer of equipment for the continuous weighing industry. Founded in 1949, we provide engineered solutions for the food, energy and building products, and chemical and industrial industries. Our unyielding focus on product line specialization enables us to design and develop market-leading conveyor belt scales and gravimetric feeders.

Innovation—along with a continual commitment to product improvement —drives Thayer Scale’s strategy. We pride ourselves on delivering accurate, “Built to Survive” weighing systems and material-handling solutions that exceed customer expectations. Our customers—many of whom produce end-products for the world’s leading brands—consider us a trusted partner in their manufacturing efforts.

Innovative Material Test Center

Thayer Scale’s 2,000 square foot, fully-equipped material test center is continuously updated to provide customers with the opportunity to test and evaluate feeder performance in an environment unique to their materials. The test center is equipped with a complete range of Thayer Scale volumetric and gravimetric feeders and proprietary flow aids. Comprehensive test reports and video are provided.