Thayer Scale Conveyor Belt Scales

THAYER’S Conveyor Belt Scales are specifically designed for high accuracy (1/10 to 1/2% typical) inventory control and throughput totalization. A typical Thayer installation is a severe application in the worst possible environment in the fertilizer, mining, ore, copper and coal industries.

Special configurations are available specifically designed for light scale loading applications such as Biomass, wood chips, saw dust, tobacco and land refuse. THAYER’S Conveyor Belt Scale weigh bridge features an exclusive rocking flexure suspension system for both the Approach and Approach/Retreat configurations. Measurement sensitivity is high, deflection is low, and a single load cell is isolated from the error‐inducing effects of extraneous lateral forces, off‐center loading, foundation distortion, inclination hold‐back forces, and high sporadic shocks and overloads. Tare load is mass counterbalanced to create superior signal ‐to‐noise ratio in weight sensing, orders of magnitude better than belt scale designs supporting full tare load on the load sensor.

Thayer Scale builds 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 idler belt scales supporting belt widths from 18 inches to over 96 inches.

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