Moves the materials that other volumetric feeders can’t budge.

  • Pneumatic PowerWall™ diaphragms provide reliable material flow.
  • Pulse action is independent of feed rate, resulting in wider turndown capability
  • Fully adjustable while operating, to fine tune performance.
  • Built to survive, with welded steel box frame construction for long life.

From gentle flutter to pounding pulse

THAYER “PW” Volumetric Feeders provide consistent, reliable volumetric metering of anything from delicate products to the most stubborn materials. Conventional flexible wall feeders have mechanical devices which are only capable of slight hopper wall movement. They just do not have the “kick” needed to move hard-to-handle materials. PW Feeders have safe, reliable pneumatic PowerWall diaphragms which can be adjusted from gentle flutter to pounding pulsation, to consistently and reliably feed even the hardest-to-handle materials. Random wall action prevents stable arch formation or material compaction, keeping screw flights filled.

Unique construction

Elastomeric diaphragm is driven by regulated air pressure, with independent cycling control for each wall. Reinforced diaphragm sheet combines strength and flexibility needed for long life. It is completely supported by the steel housing, is inexpensive, and is easily replaced.