FrankHeadshotFrank Hyer, CEO

Thayer Scale’s business is as fundamental as the field of chemistry itself. We manufacture the critical machinery and controls that processors need to produce MIXTURES and COMPOUNDS, which ultimately define the composition of most manufactured goods.

Our particular emphasis is directed to equipment that continuously feeds, measures and controls various ingredients to produce on-spec products for a wide variety of industries such as: Cereals, Candies and Snacks, Metals, Detergents, Glass, Coal, Cement, Plastics, Tobacco, Pet Foods, Rubber, and various Construction Products to name a few.

The objectives of our customers are varied, but all desire to achieve them in an uncompromising manner and at a justifiable cost. For them, producing a high quality product at competitive prices requires smart investment decisions regarding automation equipment and controls. There are few areas fraught with more risk for the buyer than capital equipment decisions associated with the ingredient feeding and measurement systems that will be responsible for determining the uniqueness and marketability of the end product. Whether it’s the flavor, color, durability, unique physical or chemical property, or merely its cost, Thayer Scale is proud to have helped many of today’s major companies produce what have become some of the most recognized Brands in the world.

We attribute our success to a particular philosophy that keeps us on a highly focused path. Our Company will only produce continuous weighing and feeding equipment that we feel can provide sustained accuracy levels well within 1% without requiring frequent attention to calibration and other “fine tuning” adjustments. This simply stated, self-imposed performance limit filters out temptations to become involved in areas of business that would be a distraction to the main focus and core capabilities of our organization. In order to stay comfortably within this accuracy limit, we have made a decision to only produce equipment in which the fundamental gravimetric flow rate determination is based on direct measurements of all independent variables required to define it, with said measurements being independent of the physical properties of the material being handled.

Conveyor Belt Scales and Weigh Belt Feeders with accurate belt speed sensing qualify since the determination of “rate” utilizes direct measurements of both “specific loading”(weight units per unit of belt length) and “material velocity” (length units per time unit). Loss In Weight Feeders qualify since the determination of “rate” utilizes direct measurements of “Load” (weight units) and “time” (time units). In both cases these measurements are independent of the material’s physical properties.

This “philosophy” therefore excludes: Nuclear Scales, Impact Plate Flow Meters, Coriolis Acceleration Reaction Meters, Weighed Slides, Capacitance Flow Meters, and Weighed “Waterwheels”. We will continue to perform fundamental R&D on a variety of measurement technologies and evolve our product as a result of this research. You can rest assured, however, that if the product carries the Thayer name, it has met our rigorous performance requirements.

The Benefit: When you contact anyone here at Thayer Scale, you can expect that he or she will be unusually knowledgeable and experienced, and capable of either responding directly or putting you immediately in touch with someone who can.