“Continuous Weighing and Feeding of Bulk Materials since 1949”

DavidHyerHeadshotDavid Hyer, President, General Manager

Thayer Scale is a privately held manufacturing/technology company, specializing in the manufacturing of equipment used for the continuous weighing and feeding of bulk materials for a wide variety of industries. The company has one of the longest uninterrupted operating records for engineering and manufacturing specialized continuous weighing and feeding equipment in the United States.

Founded in 1949 in a garage in Rockland Massachusetts, and relocated shortly thereafterto the neighboring town of Pembroke, the company has maintained its original business philosophy, product line specialization, and operating structure for more than a half century. Employee turn-over has consistently been very low permitting the company to develop a highly experienced workforce in each functional area of the business. This high degree of stability, continuity of leadership and laser-sharp product focus has been fundamental to the continued technical advancement of our uniquely designed conveyor belt scales and gravimetric feeders. It has allowed the company to grow from its early roots to its position today as one the global leaders in the continuous weighing industry.

Core Technology at the heart of our broad product portfolio

From Loss-In-Weight Feeders that feed vitamins into cereals at rates below 1 pound per hour, and Weigh Belt Feeders that feed coal at 2,000 tons per hour, all the way up to Conveyor Belt Scales that weigh ore at over 10,000 tons per hour, Thayer has one of the most diverse product portfolios in the industry. At the heart of this portfolio lies our fundamental core technology resulting from our 65-year commitment to Research and Development. Three areas form the basis of our technology:

  • Scale Technology, including the FMSS suspension scale design providing high accuracy, sensitivity and tolerance to noise and process variation.
  • Instrumentation, including numerous unique, patented algorithms to support Scale Location Compensation, noise and event suppression, and process optimization.
  • Material Handling Solutions, including our patented Bridge-Breaker technology and the unique Spiralator Hopper Agitation system.

Regardless of the type or size, Thayer Scale equipment has developed a reputation for being precise and robust. Our commitment to providing features, options and upgrades to existing systems in the field has enabled our customers to operate systems for as long as 50 years in the harshest environments.

Our Custom-Design methodology ensures performance AND cost-effectiveness

Our extensive portfolio of specialty equipment designs and software solutions are second to none. We take particular pride when one of our engineered solutions is used to replace a competitor’s feeder or belt scale where the performance or durability has failed to meet a customer’s requirement. Our custom-design philosophy not only ensures that the performance of our equipment meets the design objectives, but often our approach will also enable significant cost savings over cookie-cutter alternatives. For example, we will often enable the elimination of conveying elements due to our ability to design our solution to support elongated or inclined conveyor configurations. Competitive alternatives that are not engineered to fit the operating environment will fall short in terms of accuracy, reliability and economic payback.

Our headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located at 91 Schoosett St., (Rt 139) in Pembroke, MA 02359, just a 30 minute drive south of Boston.