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Stop by and visit Thayer Scale for all your weighing needs.

Thayer Scale is a global supplier of specialized continuous weighing and feeding equipment that provides the pet food industry with flow rate measurement, flow rate control, blending and batching solutions for meat slurries and dry bulk solids of all particle shapes and classifications.

Thayer Scale measurement systems accurately weigh products with densities as low as 0.5 pounds per cubic foot and yet are built to survive rigorous sanitation evolutions with high pressure wands, solvents and degreasers without damage or measurement drift.

Thayer Scale instrumentation features plain language messaging and seamlessly integrates to plant wide host supervisory control architectures through native device level interfaces.

Whether your process requires accurate and repeatable rate measurement, precise rate / blending control, or accurate dosing of free flowing, adhesive, cohesive or hygroscopic powders, pellets, flakes, strands, or stubborn interlocking asymmetrical particle shapes, our rich technology portfolio, combined with 65 years of custom-engineering experience will solve your most complex material handling, weighing and control problems.


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